Art gives tremendous satisfaction in my life. I was working as a Engineer in IT company later chose to follow my heart to pursue my passion for Art. I am a self taught artist with passion for Acrylic and Oil painting. Painting was a hobby has now turned out to a full time meditation. I spent my early years in kundapura (coastal town situated in the Udupi District)

The beauty of nature and it’s influence on living things has been a strong inspiration for me. Exhibitor in 2019 and 2020 editions of Chitrasanthe Karnataka Chitrakala parishadh and also participated in Art Mantram’s Art Souk Events.


Title- birds | Size-10”x 12” (pair)
Medium- Oil on Canvas Board | Price- INR 5000/-


Flowers, Oil on Canvas, 12”x 12” (pair), Rs 5000/-

Abstract Geometric

Abstract Geometric, Acrylic on Canvas, 15”x 18” (pair), Rs 5000/-

Floral Abstract

Floral Abstract (pair),
Acrylic on Canvas, 10”x 36” (left) 10″ x 24″(right), Rs 6000/-

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