Sreenivasa Makineedi


An engineer by education, 3D artist by profession, artist by passion; a self-taught artist, Sreenivasa Makineedi has explored various mediums and styles, realism being his favourite.

The theme of his realistic paintings is his country, India and its people. He captures the soul, the culture and life around with all its beauty and colour.

Sreenivasa won a cash award at the “75th All india Exhibiton“ organized by Hyderabad Art society. He has exhibited his work in several shows across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Song of sparrows by Sreenivasa Makineedi

Title- Song of sparrows | Size-15”x 22”
Medium- Palette knife on canvas| Price- INR 6000/-

Amber Fort by Sreenivasa Makineedi

Amber Fort, Watercolour on canvas, 15”x 22”, Rs 4000/-

Dhimsa dancers by Sreenivasa Makineedi

Dhimsa dancers, Pen on Paper, 8”x 11.5”, Rs 1500/-

Ganga Aarti by Sreenivasa Makineedi

Ganga Aarti, Pen on Paper, 8”x 11.5”, Rs 1500/-

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