N S Kumbar


NS Kumbar is an artist whose passion for neo-modern depiction of culture has unfolded unique untold perspectives on the canvas from a very young age! In his quest for refining his brilliance, Kumbar was under the tutelage of many well known nationally renowned artists while pursuing his Masters in Visual Arts from Gulbarga university.

He has won Gold medals across various universities in Southern India. His paintings have also won many national accolades at exhibitions and galleries among critics and peers alike.

His artistic perspective extends beyond the canvas, where he creates realistic paintings that come alive. He also imparts vital knowledge to aspiring artists of the future.

Untitled 1 by N S Kumbar

Title- Untitled 1 | Size- 10”x 10”
Medium- Acrylic on canvas| Price- INR 6000/-

Untitled 2 by N S Kumbar

Untitled 2, Acrylic on art paper, 10”x 10”, Rs 5000/-

Untitled 3 by N S Kumbar

Untitled 3, Acrylic on canvas, 12”x12”, Rs 5000/-

Untitled 4 by N S Kumbar

Untitled 4, Acrylic on canvas, 12”x16”, Rs 5000/-

Untitled 5 by N S Kumbar

Untitled 5, Acrylic on canvas, 12”x16”, Rs 5000/- 

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