Silent Auction

Online 14th -30th Dec

ArtMantram announces its Annual Auction of artworks by senior well-known artists.

As with our successful last auction, we have on offer a few precious works of art donated by artists including Anjolie Ela Menon, Sujata Bajaj, Sudip Roy and others.

This is an exclusive opportunity for art lovers and art collectors to pick up great works at realistic prices.

Please select the work and place your bid with the registry @Raji Narayan Ph: 98450 87716 @Elina Abraham Ph: 99023 73170. The bid has to be placed at the base price or above. The winning bid will be decided and announced on 30 Dec, 2020.

Don’t miss this opportunity!

ArtMantram Auction

Anjolie Ela Menon

Born in Bengal, trained in Paris, India’s leading artist, with international fame, best known for depicting women in all moods, has in her works, powerful lines and a vibrant palette, rendered in a variety of styles, ranging from cubism and techniques echoing the artists of European renaissance.

Anjolie Ela Menon

Medium: Line Drawing on Paper Size: 5.5” x 7.5”
Base Price: Rs.1,50.000/-

Sudip Roy

Born in West Bengal, his Art revolves around themes inspired by everyday Life. In a distinct palette, his styled compositions turn inanimate objects into sensuous and pleasurable visuals. His works are the studies of people and architectural facades of historic monuments and temples as well as abstract imagery.

Sudip Roy 1

Title: Charulatha
Medium: Watercolour on Paper Size: 29” x 21”
Base Price : Rs.3,25,000/-

Sudip Roy 2

Medium: Watercolour on paper Size: 9” x 10”
Base Price: Rs.70,000

JMS Mani

Born in Karnataka, his art is an amalgamation of Indian culture with Occidental Western formalism. Mani chooses to depict his characters in a simple and uncluttered manner and they narrate an untold tale.

JMS Mani

Medium: Oil on Canvas Size:36” x 23”
Base Price : Rs.90,000/-

Sujata Bajaj

Lives in Paris, an abstract artist of International acclaim, Sujata paints, etches, sculpts with gay abandon, in vibrant and subdued hues.

JMS Mani

Medium: Acrylic on Paper Size 20” x 16”
Base Price: Rs.2,50,000/-

JMS Mani

Medium: Acrylic on Paper Size 20” x 16”
Base Price: Rs.2,50,000/-

Kishore Roy

Kishore Roy’s works explore the familiar pantheon of Indian deities, to which he juxtaposes portraits of female subjects and icons of global spirituality.

JMS Mani

Title: Magic Melody
Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 24” x 24”
Base Price: Rs.70,000

Ravindra Salve

Mumbai based artist , Ravindra Salve’s canvases incorporate bold use of colour suggesting a virtual flight of fancy. Figurative and religious themes dominate his canvas and dramatize his themes.

JMS Mani

Medium : Acrylic on canvas Size: 36” x 36”
Base Price : Rs. 2,00,000

Thota Vaikuntam

Hails from Andhra Pradesh. Finds his inspiration in the rural areas of the state. Telangana women, in particular are subjects of his art using rich primary colours.

JMS Mani

Medium: Acrylic on canvas Size: 9” x 12”
Base Price: Rs.4,90,000
-From the Reves art gallery

Thota Vaikuntam 2

Medium : Charcoal on Canvas Size : 22’’x16’’
Base Price: Rs.1,75,000


Dinesh Magar’s works encompass a range of media and themes. He follows a laborious process of etching of contemporary subjects on a brass sheet, all done manually. His lustrous works of art involves a 30 stage process finally embellishing with gold, silver or copper finishes.

JMS Mani

Size: 24in x 24in
Medium : Enamel on Brass with Swarovski Elements
Base Price: Rs.2,50,000

Rajini Rekha

Rajini Rekha is an artist, curator and art promoter, based in Bangalore. An effervescent artist she gives back to her city by fostering and supporting a dedicated and inspired commitment to Indian Art and appreciation.

JMS Mani

Medium acrylic on canvas Size 36”x24”
Base price: Rs 60,000

Amit Dutt

Amit Dutt’s subtle and gentle poetic expressions reflect his compassionate personality. His artworks explore the Higher Self, while they manifest the interconnections of harmony in form and tone and the inborn human desire to connect beauty with the Supreme Truth.

JMS Mani

Medium :Acrylic on canvas Size: 60”x 72”
Base Price: Rs 5,50,000
-From the Reves art gallery

Yusuf Arakkal

Yusuf Arakkal through his art depicts the everyday life of the dispossessed in urban areas, their poverty, helplessness and dismal conditions and their stoicism in the face of tragedy. It is the human presence that arouses his attention and stirs his creative inner space.

JMS Mani

Medium : Oil on Canvas Size : 2x2ft
Base Price: Rs.3,50,000

Achuthan Kudallur

Achutan Kudallur ‘s painting is not a dialogue, not a conversation, but a communion with colour, like a Sunday fete full of gaiety and somewhere melancholy. The colour sweeps across the canvas, like wind and rain lashing the landscape eroding it into a strange and wondrous world of beauty.

JMS Mani

Size : 40 x 24
Base Price: Rs.2,50,000

Lalitha Lajmi

Lalitha Lajmi is a self taught artist, born in Kolkata. One of the best watercolorists of India, one finds a strong autobiographical element in her works. One also can find a reflection of hidden tensions that exist between men and women, captured in the different roles they play.

JMS Mani

Title : women and girl with blue bird
Size : 10×14 in Medium : water color
Base Price: Rs.75,000


Shuvaprasanna has depicted the varying moods of his city of Kolkata and its people, its sickness and sordidness, its violence and vulnerability and all that compounds its existential agony. He boasts a precise finely executed style that yields an unmistakable visual intensity.

JMS Mani

Size : 12’’x14’’
Medium : M.M on Arche Paper
Base Price: Rs.1,50,000

Surya Prakash

Surya Prakash’s work is a celebration of nature. the semi-realistic representation of flowers and foliage is marked by layered colours and meticulously executed textures. His portrayal of native landscapes is sensual and luminous, enticing the onlooker to experience nature.

JMS Mani

Size : 14x14in
Medium : oil on canvas board
Base Price: Rs.2,00,000

Rini Dhumal

Rini Dhumal works make a unique and signature statement, they define her ethos, her philosophy, her style, and her own metaphors. Considering women as her core inspiration, the printmaker and painter has tried to depict women in many forms through her work.

JMS Mani

Size : 30’’ x 23’’
Medium : Oil on canvas
Base Price: Rs.2,00,000

Riyas Komu

Riyas Komu is an artist noticed for his strong political overtones in his works. Creating his peices with equal doses of compassion and cynicism, his works reflect both hope and dejection- a tribute to the spirit of all those who continue to survive the city and its paradoxes.

JMS Mani

Title: My experiments with Gandhi
Size: 24”x24” Medium : Oil on canvas
Base Price: Rs.2,50,000