Rainbow Cornflower by Venita Lall


Title- Rainbow Cornflower
Size – 10”x 12” *
Medium-Acrylic on canvas
Packing & Shipping for unframed work: Rs 500 extra
Artist: Venita Lall

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Title-: Rainbow Cornflower
Size – 10″ x 12″
Medium- : Acyrlic on Canvas

Artist Profile:

Venita Lall grew up on a tea plantation in the idyllic hills of Darjeeling, India. She finds beauty in simple things in life and is mesmerized by nature’s exquisiteness.

Venita’s works are a riot of colour marked with intricate details that tell a story, conjuring up vivid images of a narrative, allowing respective interpretations and unraveling of deep connections of her inner subliminal reflections within the artist. She communicates her deep affirmative visual expression through pictorial depiction with the viewer to engage in a dialogue. She enjoys experimenting, playing with colour and painting on canvas over the years, she has found that acrylic on canvas is definitely her medium. She enjoys layering her canvas us- ing acrylics with dry brush, texturing, pouring, collage and sponge painting. She is deeply inspired by nature, by the environment and the pertinent questions that arise about our environs and surroundings.

Painting, for Venita, is not limited by a medium and she enjoys merging styles and media like ink, water, acrylic, oil, pen, pencil or poster paint, much like the versatil- ity of life itself. She enjoys layering and texturing her canvas with different tech- niques.

Venita Lall is a gold and silver medalist with a strong background in Design, who has showcased her work in solo and group exhibitions. Venita has been featured widely by a range of publications and magazines, but notably by ‘Inside Outside’ magazine and ‘Indian Architect and Builder’, her design and storytelling panache opening windows into the life of a creative talent that is unique in its elegance and freshness.


Packing & Shipping for unframed work: Rs 500 extra
Delivery: Delivery is available across India only. The artist will directly courier the painting, usually within 3 to 5 working days after purchase. Courier time will depend on your location. The courier tracking details will be emailed once painting is dispatched.
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Artist Contact:

Phone : +91 9845723601
Email : venitalallvohra@gmail.com
website : www.venitalallvohra.com
FB : venitalallvohra
Instagram : @venitalallvohra