An art village of Heritage & Legacies

A journey of Preservation and Conservation.

After two decades, ArtMantram today is a dynamic collaborative vehicle to achieve it’s vision and aims. For ArtMantram, art expands to include design, craft, weaves. terracotta, performing arts, poetry and creative literature.

Our Vision

Making art a part of everyday life of everyone

Our Mission

To promote the arts, artist and art awareness, bringing together Art & Public Ownership of Aesthetic Appreciation

A few notable recent events

Heney-Bandipur Arts and Crafts Mela, a national level Mela mela spanning for two weeks during Dussehra festival Supported by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC) and Cultural department in 2014. Impact Stalls 65, Artists and Performers: 57, Audience: 40000 Artists Dream at ITC Windsor and Exhibition of paintings

Art Mantram Lifetime Achievements Award in the Arts and Literature 2022.

  • World nature conservation day 28 July 2022 & soft launch ofDrishyAM
  • Stree Shakti Women Empowerment program 2022 .
  • Bangalore Art, Craft & Design Festival 2019
  • True Blue Art Gala 2019
  • Padma Legends 2019
  • International Poetry Festival – Glass House Festival.
  • Pottery Program for the Disabled 2022
  • Writer’s Table – Literary Mantram 2021-2022
  • Terracotta Pottery Studio 2021 in Shoolagiri, Tamil Nadu
  • Kalotsava Festival – Dance & Music 2020
  • “Young Verses” – a children’s poetry book, published in 2022
  • Art in the Park 2020-2022

An Immersive Experience Towards DrishyAM at Taj Westend Heritage & Legacies, A Journey of Preservation and Conservation

Our event “Heritage and Legacies, A Journey of Conservation and Preservation” is slated to be an experiential Dinner on Saturday, 12th Nov 2022, at Taj Westend, Bangalore. We plan to recreate an ambience that epitomises everything that DRISHYAM stands for, a rural heritage, a true example of simple, sustainable architecture, with landscaping that draws inspiration from tradition. We plan to give attendees an opportunity to enter a serene world of tranquillity, peace, fluidity of a different experience

Invitees include 200 HNIs who truly care about art and building a sustainable society

The evening will be a sensory feast for the senses. Diners will be enthralled by entertainment that is high energy and speaks to our rich heritage and culture. Aromas and colours will entwine in the food presentation to engage and heighten the texture and flavour enjoyed by the taste buds. We look forward to luxuriating in the paradox of sustainable hedonism with you.

Date: 12th Nov, 2022

Venue: Taj Westend, Bangalore

Our Dream

DrishyAM at the foothills of the western ghats, where the plains meet the hills is a very scenic location, surrounded by mountains. It borders the tiger and elephant reserve and is home to several indigenous tribal communities.

Its serenity, complex ecological environment, heritage and human population make it a desirable hotspot for tribal, cultural and creative energy. As the Earth and its populations continue to aggregate its human perspective in mammoth, concrete urban areas, the open freedom offered by DrishyAM location is the most potent lure to those dedicated to the unfettered connection of the human soul. It is an ideal location for artists to stay, work and interact in a serene, peaceful and sustainable environment.

An art Hub for promoting contemporary art and revival of traditional and tribal art, preserving heritage, conservation of tribal community and culture, including supporting education of children, empowerment and livelihood for women and communities.

Site Image with the hills in the background


Art Mantram Heritage House & Museum
Interpretation center with AV for Art
Sustainability Kuteeras for arts, dance, music, theater,crafts, textiles, pottery, etc.
Activity areas
Training/games areas
Rooms for Residencies and Visiting Artists and Artisans
Dormitories for students & youth
Facilities for elders
Disabled facilities
A design and Art research Centre and Institute

Stakeholders & Activities

There are three broad stakeholders groups who will use DrishyAM

Artists and Artisans – Will use DrishyAM as a creative space either for their own work, as a retreat or a gurusthala.

Researchers – Will use DrishyAM as a research space for furthering work in documenting and keeping alive our tribal culture and heritage, through music and dance to start.

Students, Youth, Tourists and Visitors :

Will visit DrishyAM to engage in one or many of the following ways:
To learn more about art, artists and artisans.
To engage and expose children to the rich cultural practices being honed at the venue.
To shop.
To attend a workshop/ residency
To attend a performance
To meet visiting artists and artisans.