Donate to Glass House Festival

With the country facing the pandemic the performing artists like dancers musicians, theatre personalities have all lost their earning opportunities at present. Artists and sculptors are left high and dry with no buyers with economy in tatters. The teachers of art, craftsmen and weavers are in dire straits. To help them through this, for handholding livelihoods, we are supporting them with distributing food ration kits, hygiene products and other basic necessities for sustenance. We will be giving raw materials to the weavers and craftsmen to restart their livelihoods. We are arranging on line Performances and classes in an attempt to rehabilitate performing artists to eke out minimum income to survive and live with dignity.

For donations within India use button below

For International donations we have partnered with Sampark. Please click button below and select the “Help an Artist” section on the Sampark page to donate to us.