Few of our Featured Artists

Ramesh Terdal

Ramesh Terdal hails from Gadag in Northern part of Karnataka. He has carved his name as an artist of creative essence through his vivid impressions on canvas. Ramesh has been exhibiting his art works in India and abroad, and has achieved a remarkable recognition in the field.  As an artist he has adopted the strong visual language through which he has been expressing and exhibiting.

Selected Works

Gurudas Shenoy

Gurudas Shenoy is a painter and muralist par excellence, having honed his skills with over two decades of art practice behind him. He is a well known personality not only in the cultural world of Bangalore, but also in the national and international art industries. He has held exhibitions of his work at leading art galleries in India, including the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, and his paintings have been shown in prominent showcases of Indian contemporary art by the State and Central Lalit Kala Academies. His style inimitably combines aspects of the traditional with the modern, and his work is driven by a deep interest in spatial experimentation.

Selected Works

Romicon Revola

Romicon Revola a.k.a Romi is a contemporary visual artist based in Bangalore. As a sculptor she has experimented with a variety of media. Her work encompasses monumental public sculpture, installation, painting, and video.

“My work often explores that mysterious, elusive space that lies between the utopian and the dystopian. While suggesting both an intimacy and a monumentality, my approach reflects the paradigm “the personal is the global”. I believe that each one of us is a microcosm of the universe,” says the artist.

Selected Works

Rekha Rao

Rekha Rao studied painting under her eminent artist father K K HEBBAR. She holds a Post graduate degree in History, Bombay University. Her paintings are an inter play of visual experiences gleaned from her surroundings. They are a conflation of association. The search is for a grammar of colors which will effectively illuminate her response towards events and happenings that serve as a trigger. She works on paper and canvas.

She has won the Suvarna Karnataka Rajyotsava Award 2006.The Maharashtra State Award, The Lalit Kala Akademi, Lucknow, and Critics Award Bombay.

Selected Works

Rajesh K Baderia

Rajesh K Baderia is a well established Artist who is known to invoke the power of colours and creates abstraction infused with ancient symbols & various forms in his works which are symbolic abstract expression of sublime spirituality and mysticism.

His paintings are abstract expressions of experiences, encounters and beliefs. He derives inspiration from Nature, Cosmos and Philosophy. He feels, its energy which plays within us and all around and so energy becomes an important element of his paintings in any form be it dots, circles, streak of light etc.


Selected Works

Sridhar Comaravalli

Shri C R Sridhar, or Sridhar Comaravalli as he is known on Facebook, is a freelance Cartoonist. A B.Com graduate from Madurai Kamraj University, Sridhar took voluntary retirement from Bank service in Oct 2010. One fine morning in May 2011 he posted a Cartoon in Facebook. The Cartoon became an instant hit and the next day Facebook friends requested him to draw more. That set the ball rolling and Sridhar has not looked back since then. From then on he has drawn thousands of Cartoons and Caricatures. No wonder then, that he has nearly 5000 friends on Facebook. Shri Sridhar is known for his doodling skills. Scribble any line, and presto! He gives life to it instantly!

Selected Works

Shan Re

Shan Re known as a contemporary modernist is a dynamic and prolific artist and seen actively involved in many fundraising art shows & auctions. She mesmerizes the audience with her spontaneous live painting in various occasions. The intensity and frequency of her creative output is enormous. Shan Re lives and works in Bangalore. Her works are in prominent public and private collections. They have been exhibited in several group and solo shows in India and abroad.
Shan says “I accepted my loss and rebuild myself , engrossing in my creative pursuit which gave me courage to face the pain, confront the core issues and move forward with a greater understanding”.

Selected Works

Girija Hariharan

Girija Hariharan, is an artist and Muralist based out of Bangalore, India. Girija holds a masters in Electrical Engineering from Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, and had a long and successful corporate career for about 13 years. A self-taught artist, Girija has a natural inclination towards large artworks, especially wall murals. Just like a river that turns it’s course, life just conspired to make her pursue art full time from 2014. Girija’s artworks are metaphorical and poetic and explore figures, texture, color and endow a sense of discovery for the viewer.

Selected Works


In his current works, Doddamani focuses his golden light to shed more on nature and her animals, the basic environment of our existence which are highly impacted by the greed and zest for power. The boundaries that powerful humans continuously invade from the other helpless living beings. His recent paintings depict the vulnerable in the negative space, with a positive hope that they will reclaim their time, space, and dignity.

Selected Works

Priyanka Gupta Agarwal

An artist, educator, photographer and a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute, Priyanka has been exhibiting in San Francisco, Silicon Valley and India since 2004. Some of the notable exhibits have been her show at Dhoomimal art gallery, India habitat center,Delhi and Chitrakoot art gallery,Kolkata and shows at Stanford university, Togonon Gallery, Market Street Gallery and the Triton Museum in California. Her works are mainly Pen&Ink, gold leaf and acrylics on canvas and resin wood works

Selected Works

N S Kumbar

NS Kumbar is an artist whose passion for neo-modern depiction of culture has unfolded, unique untold perspectives on the canvas from a very young age. In the quest for refining his brilliance, NS kumbar was under the tutelage of many well known, nationally renowned artists while pursuing his Masters in Visual Arts from Gulbarga University. His imagination and skill has helped him in creating versatile Art, ranging from Acrylic to Oil Paintings. His artistic perspective extends beyond the Canvas, where he even creates Murals that come alive.

Selected Works

Balchander M Gandhekar

Bala is a graduate of the Film and the Television Institute of India, Pune. He is the Founder of Bengaluru’s premier film production house, Foresee Multimedia Pvt. Ltd.. Bala is a writer, director, editor and cinematographer. He is also a photographer and has published 2 coffee table books and a children’s magazine called Hoopla Club. He is the Founder of Hoopsters , a unique Online/On-ground engagement platform for children and parents.

Selected Works

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