Art Awareness

Art Mantram ideates and executes various art events

Big Canvas Events

Art Mantram organises various big canvas events.


An exhibition of 49 Internationally Renowned artists and new talents held by Art Mantram in 2015

Art Camps & Workshops

Art Mantram holds numerous camps and workshops to make Art more accessible to the public throughout the year.

Art Shows

Art Mantram is known for its exciting and well curated Art Shows at prestigious venues in Bangalore.

Sensitive Art for Differently Abled Children

Art Mantram believes that Art can be therapy for the differently abled and strives to make opportunities for children to interact with well known Art personalities.

Awards, Scholarships & Support

Four distinguished women (Reshme Hegde, Pushpa Dravid, Poile Sengupta and Sara Arakkal) from the field of Art were Honoured, 2010
Three achievers — sculptor-painter Anjolie Ela Menon, writer Shashi Deshpande and veena artiste Suma Sudhindra — received the Art Mantram Women Achievers Award 2012
Mantram Achievement Awards to Lalitha Ubhayakar for Music and promotion of Art, Rekha Rao for Visual Art and Vani Ganapathy for Dance
Supporting ‘Prerana Resource Center’, an organization that helps for abandoned, visually-impaired and disabled girls.
Scholarships to tribal children of ‘Apne Vidyalaya’, Wakro, Arunachal Pradesh
Supporting ‘LAKSH Foundation’, an organization in Mangar village, Faridabad, involved in helping rural underprivileged women and children
Supported a basket of charities in Bangalore

Featured Art