About Us

An Established Trust for over Two Decades

Art Mantram was started by artists & professionals
To promote patronage and awareness of Art.
Art nurtures creative souls,
is an essential part of lifestyle
And a great investment
Through the ages, however,
Artists have toiled to survive.
As a democratic society
it is important how we respond to art and its patronage.
This influences all aspects of our culture.
At Art Mantram, we believe Art is in Everyone.
To that end, we have organised over 200 events:
shows, camps, workshops,
addressing burning social issues while
focusing on and encouraging Art.
Improving accessibility to Art is the first step in achieving our dream.
Art Mantram is registered under section 80 G

Our Vision


Making the Arts a part of
Everyday Life for Everyone

Our Advisory Board

Chiranjiv Singh
Rathi Vinay Jha
Rekha Rao
Sudhakar Rao
Ravi Chander
Subir Harisingh
Indra Prem Menon
Sanjeev Mehta
Raza Bilgrami
Bhaskaran RB
Manu Baligar
Kiran Kapoor
Ravi Shetty
K M Nair
Jija Harisingh

Our Working Committee

Dr Jija Madhavan Harisingh

Poornima Janakiraman

Raji Narayan

Kanchana Ganesan

Yumna Harisingh Jawa

Shoma Bakre